Our Mission

The mission of Essays Of Hope is to give encouragement through God's word. These essays are provided to build confidence, and clarity between the Bible, our life, and the world we live in. These essays are based on life situations we may have experienced, or obstacles we may face in our daily lives. The Holy Bible is used as a reference.

It is our sincere prayer that widows, those who are sick and shut–in, and those who need encouragement will be blessed by Jesus Christ through this ministry.


Writers have recorded history throughout time. God's prophets, pastors, teachers, scholars and those who evangelize have searched for His understanding and His knowledge.

They searched for something that only God Himself could provide. They wrote down God's word, and listened for His commands. They searched the heavens, the stars and the earth from the West, East, North and South, always increasing in Gods infinite wisdom.

Many have chosen to write about God's favor, love, and Grace. Their desire was to know God personally. With the stroke of a pen they began to write down what God revealed to them.


This ministry, Essays of Hope only accepts donations. There is no recommended price for these essays. Please donate funds directly through the Wells Fargo Bank. The account number is 7219642589. If you are out of state you must add the following number (RTN): 051400549. For wire transfers, use the following number (RTN): 121000248

Essays of Hope

These Essay readings help provide insight to the Holy Bible scriptures.

They are a helpful resource for ministering. You can encourage others to get involved in evangelizing for Jesus Christ.

If you want to learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; read a sample essay. You will enjoy reading it.

You can mail these essays out as newsletters, or hand deliver these inspirational essays to someone. Those who are sick and shut-in will find this ministry to be a blessing. All of these essays are inspired by God. Different topics from the Bible are read, studied and then written about.



  1. The Importance of Time
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  2. What is Forgiveness?
  3. What is Love?
  4. What is Wisdom?
  5. What is Power?
  6. What is Hope?
  7. Parable of the Soils
  8. What is Long-Suffering?
  9. What is Humility?
  10. What is Judgment?
  11. What is Aspiration?
  12. What is Beauty?

How To Order Essays

Essays are sent out in packages of 50 – 100 copies. The amount depends on how many essays you need.

Please contact Essays of Hope at (757) 483–0801 to request your copies today! Provide your name, phone number and a brief message and we will return your call as quickly as possible. You may also email us.


About The Author

Mrs. Kay Sullivan is a writer for Essays of Hope. She enjoys quiet time studying her Bible and writing essays. She shares her writings with everyone to include her church, and her community. Her desire is and continues to be to do God's will. Mrs. Sullivan is happily married, she resides with husband Minister Konda Sullivan and their three children.